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Allen Chapel AME Church

Young People’s Division of the Women’s Missionary Society

“Go, Grow, and Glow for Christ”



What is the Young People’s Division (YPD)?

The YPD is a youth training program under the WMS that provides training in Evangelism (community projects), Christian Social Relations (workshops) and Education programs designed to increase knowledge of the AME Church History and the Scriptures. Opportunities in leadership experience are also provided through the YPD.


Offices Available:

President – Preside over all Business Meetings, representative at all Area and Conference Meetings. Responsible for helping the Director develop programs.

Vice-President – Serve in the absence of the President and assist the President and Director as needed.

Secretary – Responsible for keeping minutes for every YPD Meeting and accurate records of members.

Treasurer – Responsible for keeping accurate financial records of the YPD.

Chaplin – Responsible for leading Devotions before every meeting.


Who can join YPD?

Anyone between the ages of 2 – 26 can be a part of the YPD.


There are 4 Divisions of the YPD:

Sunbeams – Ages 2 – 6

Allen Stars – Ages 7 – 12

Young Peoples Auxiliary – Ages 13 – 17

Young Adult Division – Ages 18 – 26


What are the colors of the YPD?

The YPD colors are Forest Green and White.

Forest Green – symbolic of growth and Christian vitality

White – represents purity, light, and faith



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