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History of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church

Hartford, Connecticut



The beginning of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church was Wednesday night, May 20, 1936.


A group of members, led by Evangelist Thennie Baten, met at the home of Mr. Weston Martin, 35 Loomis St, to start the Second A.M.E. Church in Hartford. The purpose of the meeting was to keep the people together.  Those who met on the above date were as follows: Mr. Weston Martin, Mr. Anderson Franklin, Mr. Edgar Dozier, Mr. Willie Jackson, Mr. William L. Spivey, Mr. Clifford Wimbish, Mr. John Lumpkin, and Evangelist Thennie Baten. These meetings were held every Wednesday night at the home of Weston Martin until August 13, 1936. During that time a committee of three was appointed to see the Bishop about starting the Second A.M.E. Church in Hartford to save the members who were leaving the connection.  Their names were as follows: Mr. Anderson Franklin, Mr. John Lumpkin, and Evangelist Thennie Baten.  The Presiding Bishop, W.H. Heard, and the Associate Bishop, D.H. Sims, gave the committee permission to go forward with the work.


On Wednesday night, August 6, 1936, the Rev. Charles H. Richardson was invited to the meeting and was asked to work with them. Before the meeting adjourned, he invited the group to meet with him at his home at 137 Mather Street. After the devotional service conducted at his home, it was suggested by Evangelist Thennie Baten that “we organize tonight.” Mr. John Lumpkin offered a motion, which was so carried, that we organize on this date. The Rev. Charles H. Richardson was accepted as the leader, and he organized the church. The Rev. J. R. Campbell, the Presiding Elder, took the church into the conference as a mission on May 27, 1937. On Sunday, May 30, 1937, at the Annual Conference held at St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Cambridge, Mass., the Rev. Charles R. Richardson was officially appointed pastor of the church.  The church was known as the Second A.M.E. Church until May 1938, when it was given the name Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church at the Annual Conference.

The church was incorporated August 29, 1939 under the pastorate of the Rev. Charles Richardson. When the Rev. Mr. Richardson passed away on June 26, 1947 he was succeeded by the Rev. H.S. Tyson, who was with then until the conference of 1949, at which time the Rev. V.E. Carter was appointed.

Rev. Charles Richardson - 1936 – 1947
Rev. H.S. Tyson - 1947 - 1949
Rev. V.E. Carter - 1949
P.E. S.P. Perry - 1949
Rev. W. Muldrow - 1949 – 1950
Rev. C.P. Cole - 1952 – 1962
Rev. J. Wesley Parker - 1962 – 1963
Rev. K.C. Jones - 1963 – 1966
Rev. T.C. Walker - 1966 – 1970
Rev. Sylvester .J. Echols - 1970 – 1981
Rev. T. Hudson - 1981 – 1982
Rev. Everett M. Chandler - 1982 – 1992
Rev. Howard H.L. Dill - 1992 – 1993
Rev. Nicholas Genevieve Tweed - 1993 – 1996
Rev. Joseph Robinson Jr. - 1996 – 1997
Rev. Angelo Dawson - 1997 – 1999
Rev. Edna M. Parker - 1999– 2002
Rev. Dion S. Greer - 2002 - 2014

Rev. Kahlil G. James - 2014 - 2019

Rev. Kevin T. Taylor - 2019 - 2021

Rev. Orsella R. Hughes - 2021

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