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Linda Halloway, Local President

Ethel Wallace-Jenkins, Local Lay Activities Director


The Lay Organization is a movement to provide greater leadership opportunities for the lay members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC).  Its membership should include trustees, members of the steward board, class leaders, missionary workers, ushers, deaconesses, stewardesses, choir members, Church School/Sunday School workers and students 18 and above, members of all commissions and any un-ordained member in the local church.

The goals of the local organization include study, worship, fellowship and service at All levels; local, conference, Episcopal District and Connectional.  Our aim is to be Christ-centered and to strengthen the AMEC.  Our concern is for the total Church and to maintain a happy working relationship between the clergy/pastor, and lay.

The Lay Organization is the ONLY organization in the Church that has been commissioned by the General Conference to organize and train every lay member in the AMEC.  Each member shall be trained to utilize to the maximum, the abilities and skills granted by God in assisting with the improvement and extension of God’s Kingdom.  Each member shall also, utilize their God given abilities and skills to create happiness, peace, and harmony among its members. We encourage every home to purchase and study the AME Discipline, which outlines the workings of the Church.

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